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Finding Wonder in the Midst of Burnout

We are working to create a world where everyone can reclaim control and find a balance in both their personal and professional lives. 

Welcome to a place where the all-to-familiar feeling of burnout and exhaustion of managing the multiple demands of life and day-to-day living are understood without explanation. A place where you can express your challenges without judgment while recognizing and celebrating your own success. Our coaching services offer professional and compassionate approaches using various modalities to assist you in developing habits and tools to manage challenges and maintain a curious mindset. Embracing our philosophy, "Finding Wonder in the Midst of Burnout," we are dedicated to guiding you toward uncovering the extraordinary in every day, helping you navigate burnout with resilience and optimism while celebrating your authenticity.

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Elevate Your Life: Wonder Work-Life Integration – A Path to Balance and Joy

Cultivate a Wonder Mindset

Elevate Your Life: Wonder Mindset Mastery – Where Resilience Meets Joy

Crafting Your Unique Path

Embark on Your Journey of Wonder and Transformation


I am going through a series of life changing events and having Jennifer in my corner gives me the support I need to walk through this journey. She is an incredible listener, has a tremendous amount of compassion and I value her perspective and feedback as it makes me feel understood. I highly recommend working with Jennifer!


I've had the privilege of working with Jeni on my personal and professional growth over the past few years, turning to her expertise whenever needed. Throughout our ongoing collaboration, she consistently introduces fresh tools and methods into our sessions, aiding me in navigating every opportunity that comes my way. Recently transitioning to a new profession in my late 50s, Jeni has played a crucial role in helping me rediscover long-forgotten talents and interests.

If you find yourself skeptical about coaching, as I once was, I strongly encourage you to set up a quick call with Jeni. Her insights and guidance have proven invaluable to me, and I am confident she can provide the same transformative impact for you. It's worth your while to explore the possibilities with Jeni.



I have been working with Jeni for just about two years now and it feels like she's been with me this entire lifetime. I have died and been reborn so many times throughout this journey and she's been there with me, in lock step. She holds me high and leads with her intuition. Her heart centered approach makes it warm and welcoming. She is a large container and can hold space for my darkest thoughts and challenging times. Through her guidance, I've launched a business, started a podcast, and entered into the greatest partnership with my person. However, those are just "things" that were realized in the third dimensional world due to the work that took place on the inside, with her by my side. 


I could go on and on about how beautiful of an experience I've had, working with Jeni. My suggestion is simple, just do it :)


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